Our lungs are an absolutely incredible piece of engineering. In spite of intense abuse, they can continually transform air into life giving oxygen to the bloodstream.

In your Southern home, the air conditioner is constantly running, summer or winter. In the summer, cooling the air and in the winter, most units reverse themselves and remove the heat from outside and bring it inside. In each case the air is circulated through one or more filters.

I recently started managing a number of properties that, when the AC filter was inspected, looked like they were last changed or cleaned when Ronald Reagan was president! This has several major impacts that go unnoticed by the majority of homeowners:

  1. your electric bill will be higher as the air conditioner struggles to cool or heat your home by forcing air through this clogged filter.
  2. the AC unit will fail sooner because of the increased strain on the system and the fact that it has to run longer to cool the same amount of property
  3. your lungs have become the substitute for the filter. If you look and see a completely clogged filter, this is what COULD  have ended up in your lungs. If you don’t replace the filter regularly, your lungs will have to do the job. Do you have anyone with breathing problems? Grandkids with allergies? These will only be worse with an obstructed filter in your air conditioner supply or return line.

So start checking the filter regularly. Most central air conditioning units have a unit in the closet or garage and the filter is located there. You can find the size of the filter on the existing one.Go to hardware store

If you have a professional home watch service, they should be checking at least monthly. A quarterly program which changes the filters automatically can really reduce the dust in your house and can make a significant impact on allergies and related problems.